We are experts in improving the user experience and the security due to the implementation of modern authentication and authorization mechanism like OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth 2.0. Thanks to OIDC you will accelerate the sign-in / sign-up process, reduce frustration associated with maintaining multiple credentials, provide seamless access across different technologies and improve the security by reducing password security risks moving to passwordless authentication and two-factor authentication (MFA).

When transitioning from passwords to a passwordless experience, you may encounter challenges. However, nowadays, thanks to Passkeys, you have the possibility to offer login with Touch ID and Face ID to your users. Therefore, you have no excuses to say ‘Goodbye, Password’.

You can also improve the security in the API Architecture scenario protecting your microservices with OAuth 2.0. With step-up authentication, Web Applications or APIs that allow access to different types of resources can require users to authenticate with a stronger authentication mechanism to access sensitive resources. Here is an article with more information about this topic.